IMAGE: A Bitter Future


A slogan, an arm and a little bit of political truth.

In Birmingham, Theresa May makes her first speech as Prime Minister to a Conservative Party conference. Hardly can there have been a high office that was so unwelcoming, a political task that is so surely to end in failure and ignominy.

It was David Cameron who poisoned the political well from which May now draws her water. She faces every constituency imaginable ranged against her: the hard right of her party, patrician and europhile Tories, the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Greens, remain voters, leave voters, the people of Northern Ireland, the people of Scotland, European heads of state; the voters in European countries, China, Japan, the US, business leaders, trade unions, newspapers and the broadcast media, the man on the street and her own cabinet colleagues. All of them hostile or potentially hostile to the May government, none easily satisfied, many already enemies.

A bitter future, indeed.

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