Image: Boy in the Ambulance


This blog is mostly about UK politics, the parties, the personalities and the political process, but there are things that matter more in the world than which British politician said what, when and to whom.

This image of a boy pulled from a building in Aleppo that had been hit by a rocket is a sharp and painful reminder of that fact. In the still above he’s looking at the blood he’s just wiped off his face. He’s called Oman Daqneesh and he’s five years old.

The civil war in Syria is by far the most important thing going on in the world at the moment, and the most awful. If politics means anything it means trying to avoid this kind of horror and addressing it when it happens.

For some context you can read up on the Syrian civil war, in any number of places. This Guardian piece covers the attack in which Oman was injured.

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One thought on “Image: Boy in the Ambulance

  1. […] Syrian war is a terrible and evolving crisis. The many, many horrors brought about as a result of the conflict should be brought to an end. There should be concerted and […]

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