Hinkley C approval: wasted energy


Theresa May’s government has had changed direction on a energy policy – decisively for the worse.

Hinkley C is the proposed site for the first new nuclear power station in Britain for decades. On taking office as Prime Minister May put the brakes on the project. Speculation as to the reason centred on security concerns, owing to the China’s government’s investment in the plant. Whatever the reason was, fears have apparently been allayed, and the project has got the green light.

It is a disastrous decision on several levels.

The cost will be epic, as the ‘deal’ negotiated by George Osborne was so bad, and commits to paying EDF (Energie de France)  massively above the market rate for years to come. As the chart above  – from the notorious tree-huggers at the Economist – demonstrates renewables are the best bet for future energy security and cost-per-kWh.

There are many other good arguments against nuclear. Even on cost May hasn’t got a case. In her short time as PM she’s shown she can back away from a bad policy – there needs to be a U-turn on the U-turn.

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