How Poor Are You?

An interesting and timely programme on Channel 4 tonight – How Rich Are You?

Lots of interesting information about the wealth gap, income inequality, poverty in the UK, even a brief lesson in C20th macro-economics.

Possibly most interesting was that the central issue of gross inequality was presented as an uncontestable fact. Rather than being seen as a niche curio – oooh! isn’t it funny that Britain’s so unequal? – it’s a problem to be debated over. It felt as if the territory had shifted.

Many good graphs to cull, not least because Faiza Shaheen (formerly of the New Economics Forum) was at the co-helm.

In the meantime here’s a good graph from the Guardian the other day – it rather begs the question what’s the point of a minimum wage, if you can’t live on it?

Living wage compared

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One thought on “How Poor Are You?

  1. […] above misses the point entirely. The mansion tax is meant to be a wealth tax. We all know that the inequality gap is growing day by day. Slapping a tax on property would seem a bold and money-spinning ruse. If […]

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