Local food initiatives

It’s the time of the year for things bearing fruit. Local food initiatives encourage people/communities/whatever you want to call groups of more than one person to play a more active role in food producion and distribution. There seems to be a lot of it about at the moment, even if all the fruit trees near me seem to be bare of any bounty. It might be something to do with the bad summer for bees?

Three different flavour of food initiative here, decending in size / bureaucratic input:

The department of Communities and Local Government ably led by the inestimable Eric Pickles has produced a press release encourgaing people to grow stuff where they wouldn’t normally. Excellent sentiment; heopefully it’s more than that.

The Incredible Edible Todmorton people popped up on the front page of the TED site and I watched Pam Warhurst rally the troops to her local food cause for an enraptured 13 minutes.

Lastly is Birmingham’s own Urban Harvest who have a website, a TEDx video of their own and some possibly delicious apple juice that I’ve never tasted but would happily recommend anyway.




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